The Complete Guide to Working With JSON

When you open an EPS file containing vector graphics, Photoshop rasterizes the image, converting the vector graphics to pixels. Thankfully, WordPress supports many image formats for that purpose, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. However, one it doesn’t support without some coercion is scalable vector graphics . Yet, they are an image format that is growing rapidly in popularity. EPS is a DSC conforming PostScript document with additional restrictions which is intended to be usable as a graphics file format.

  • Instead, SVG works best for web design when you’re exporting icons and illustrations for websites with responsive design and objects that should be displayed perfectly on screens.
  • To create this json file, open a new instance of a file in your favorite editor, copy the contents into the file, and save it as example.json.
  • To demonstrate zipping files on the command line, open a terminal first and create a directory called ~/mydir.
  • A higher level of compression results in lower image quality, and a lower level of compression results in better image quality.

My passions include teaching others to be creative and learning as many new things as possible. Icons should be SVG if you want them to scale with the screen sizes and PNG if they will stay the same size.

Core jq filters

List the files to check that they have been created correctly. All the commands in this how-to will work on most Linux machines. We’ve used an Ubuntu 20.04 install but you could run this how-to on a Raspberry Pi. You can open a terminal window on most Linux machines by pressing ctrl, alt and t. In that case, I copy the list of modified files to a temporary file and use zip with the option -@. Well, when it comes to distributing files for a variety of operating systems, I’d recommend 7-zip. Be aware that tar archives may not work correctly when moving between different platforms, mac to linux or vice versa.

The same output is observed when we try to increase the size of the SVG image in Doodly. Both PNG and SVG images are great formats to use in Doodly. Let’s try to compare these two formats to see if they have similarities or they are totally different from each other. SVG files are markup text files, they are made with codes, the size of the SVG files is minuscule. This means you can embed it in any text or file, and these are lightweight.

how to do json file

In UI design, where space is scarce, a simple illustrated icon could be greatly welcome. Add to that a thoughtful content strategy and mobile-first approach, and we’re starting to offer an experience that adapts across devices and browsers to suit the user’s context. Your file icons should now default to Silhouette Studio icons forever. As you can see in the file explorer, the program is showing up as a Chrome HTML Document.

To me this would be a suspicious file if I was an attacker so I would look into it. There are better ways of hiding larger files from attackers and steganography is only one of many. Encryption is a way to secure your files and scramble your data so that no one can read it but you. If you are interested in using encryption then I suggest TrueCrypt which is free/open view publisher sitelist of file extensions source and for Windows, Linux, and MAC.


Take that cute image of your puppy and turn it into a series of cut lines in minutes. I am sharing the best programs for converting to an SVG here.

Find performance and memory bottlenecks in your data processing code with the Sciagraph profiler

Analyzing the vulnerabilities discovered in scans is a critical step in improving your security posture. A more advanced attack would use the same method as above but with a different payload, which would lead to remote code execution. This type of attack does depend on a number of factors and might not always be possible.

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